Pet Sitting for Your Beloved Pet Right at Your Home

I offer pet sitting services at your home. A full range of services from single visits to overnight stays.*1666120016852*1665908876889*%2525D0%2525A0%2525D0%2525B5%2525D1%252581%2525D1%252583%2525D1%252580%2525D1%252581%2525201*svg?alt=media&token=bac392c2-6108-45cc-8e9f-abf3ff58b02c*1666120018955*1665910501290*divider*svg?alt=media&token=362ed155-5528-496e-ba3d-bb735161e8aa

My Services

  • Visits ($15)
  • Visits are how ever many times you would like me to go by and check on your pets and spend time with them during the day. 
  • Overnight ($55)
    Overnight stays is me staying at your home with your pets as well as checking on them during the day.  
  •  Medication ($5)
    My job has given me experience with giving various types of medications and handling senior pets. 
  • Walks ($15)
    Walks will vary depending if I have be scheduled at my part-time job. 
  • Nail trims and bathing ($20)
    I am not a professional groomer but I can give a basic bath and nail trim if needed or you would like me to. 
  • Any more than 3 pets there is a $5 charge per extra pet*8689333C-CE2D-4BC0-8BD0-56BACBFC5F48*jpeg?alt=media&token=c3133edf-be72-49d1-9908-7d0be2bbe5a7*1666120024497*1666110206845*0*svg?alt=media&token=7f6f27aa-8a2b-471b-b0c8-b254cde6605d

My Experience 

I have been dog sitting for over 5 years and you can rely on me to take outstanding care of your pets due to my years of experience! I also work at a pet hotel; allowing me to give medication, proper leash, bathe, nail trims, and love them. You can trust I will take great care of your fur babies and give them the love they deserve!*Simple%20Minimalist%20One%20Line%20Dog%20Logo*png?alt=media&token=501c3172-e817-4a2e-8a32-d681aef8cc11
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